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Dr. Wesley Leigh

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I am a physician-artist who first immersed myself in painting in March of 2022. I use bold colors such as red, gold, blue, and yellow to convey unspoken emotions to the viewer. My medium of choice is acrylic and oil pastel crayons on canvas. Growing up, I admired the art of Jacob Lawrence, Horace Pippin, Henri Matisse, Vincent van Gogh, Basquiat, and the expressionist movement. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many lives were lost prematurely, including those of people I had cared for personally as an emergency physician, that my creativity emerged at the tender age of 55. I have no formal art training and simply paint by instinct and love of vivid colors and imagery. My paintings are ripe for individual interpretation, which is my forte as a new artist.

Dr Wesley Leigh painting on the ground

Artist Statement

As a painter, my niche is providing a perspective of the Black experience. My paintings depict figures in closed or refined settings, sometimes with detailed facial expressions, and other times with a simple smile to convey contentment or high self-esteem. I aim for the viewer to immerse themselves into my art and feel the splendor of the moment, becoming a part of the art rather than apart from it. The capacity for human communication began some 100,000 years ago with cave art and etchings setting the stage for modern human development. Therefore, art is simply ingrained in our spirits. I feel enlivened to be an artist and to positively impact lives. At the end of the day, I aspire to be known for my love of family, service to the community, and my God-given ability to convey unspoken emotions through the medium of art.

Artist Gallery

Painting has always been my escape from the stress of working in medicine and the ER. It's a way for me to unwind and express myself freely without any pressure or expectations. Sharing my art with the world is a privilege that I'm incredibly grateful for. It's an honor to have people connect with my work and appreciate the emotions behind each piece. Despite the demands of my profession, painting will always be a vital part of my life. It allows me to tap into a different side of myself and explore my creativity in a way that is both therapeutic and fulfilling. I hope that my art can inspire others to find their own forms of expression and embrace the beauty of self-discovery.

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