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Kedra Sumner

Artist Statement

My art is displayed as painting’s using Medium’s that are both Acrylic paint and Artist markers double headed with sharpies. My artwork can reflect my pain and desires to be different. I compose in solitude and allow my emotions to pour out. With music candles, outdoors, ect  anything to make my creativity free easily, without thought.

Queen of Motion.jpeg
Broken-hearted but I still BEAT illustration is by Kedra Sumner


Hello, my name is Kedra Sumner. I'm a 37-year-old artist and writer who has shied away from my creative work for too long. Born in New Rochelle, NY, and raised in Greensboro, NC, I am a mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I've always had a love for art and creativity, especially writing stories. My drive for my art is about creating art to make sense of my perplexed mind. My mother, Sandra Sumner, is also a creative individual like me. As a child, I would marvel at her self-portraits of my siblings. I grew up in a household filled with her oil painting kits, and I knew from a very young age how sacred an art brush can be. First, it swims and swirls in the pure water, then it tap dances magically on each color before gracefully dancing across the canvas like a ballroom dancer. I love art in all aspects, as it truly defines me.

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