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Rafael Ibanez - Motor Cycle
a photo of a man on a motor cycle, photo by Rafael Ibanez

Rafael Ibanez

Artist Statement

Art is a reflection of the human experience that resides in the intangible. As artists, our mission is to capture it and express it through mediums that resonate with us, making the intangible, tangible. We are all artists in our own way, utilizing a seemingly infinite amount of mediums. Being an artist is being a student of life, and what she has to show us. A way of being that allows life to happen for us, and not to us. My art is intended to open a window for the audience to see the perspective that life has crafted for me , and take what resonates with them. Whether it be a picture, a painting, music or even a conversation.

I was surrounded by art from a young age. My father was in a bunch of bands when he was around my age and threw a guitar in my hands at the age of 6. Since then, I fell in love with creating and after a deep dive into my psyche, I felt a need to create in any way shape or form. I compose and write songs, capture moments through photography, and every once in a while spill my brain on a canvas with paint. Inspiration for me is abundant. Everything I see is an inspiration. Sounds, colors, shapes, faces, moments, conversations. Life in itself. Just trying to take in as much with the time I have. I would describe my art as a reflection of my psyche at the given moment. Thought provoking. Perspective changing. My creative energy requires my undivided attention. My family always said  “turn it up or turn it off”. No in between and I incorporate this mindset into my creativity. All in or not at all. I write and compose songs through my band Morningbuzz, creating a mix of multiple genres each with a touch of Rafaelo and the mental state I was in at the time. 


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