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Wendal Jones at his DC Art Show 2023
The Bahamas Crest

Ambassador Wendall K Jones

Ambassador to the United States of America


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More About Our Ambassador

From journalist, to broadcasting mogul, to artist, to now Ambassador of The Bahamas, His Excellency Wendall K. Jones is an accomplished man of many talents.


Jones is a self taught artist, began drawing and painting in his teen years while in high school.


Following high school, he was employed as an engineering draftsman with George Cox Wallace Evans and Partners and was involved in the design of a number of upscale buildings.

Jones later switched his profession to journalism where he remained and created several entities including The Bahama Journal, Radio Love 97Fm, and JCN Television. In addition, he published a number of outstanding books on the socio economic and the social cultural and political development of The Bahamas.

Appointed Ambassador to the United States of America and non-resident Ambassador to Colombia and Malaysia on March 7th, 2022, Ambassador Jones has not let diplomacy and politics take all of his time
away from what he considers to be one of his greatest life disciplines: painting.


Always with a keen eye for things and scenes that are aesthetically pleasing, he has also studied the works of some of the renowned artists in the world, so it was no surprise that he pursued his hobby by painting in his spare time.


His art includes impressionistic, abstract and realism, which, are admired and obtained by art enthusiasts from around the world.

Washington DC Art Show 2023

Prime Minister Davis and His Excellency Wendall K. Jones

The artist Wendall Jones has produced an impressive body of work consisting - with only a few exceptions - of an exceptional series of abstract variations. With meticulous, multilayered brushstrokes, the artist has created fragile tapestries of colour and light; somewhere located between Pointillism and abstract expressionistic influences.


This body of work is even more remarkable when we
note that the artist did not receive any formal training in painting and is entirely self-taught.

Ulrich V Voges | Curator - Central Bank of The Bahamas

Art Work

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a painting of an abstract man in the ocean by Wendal Jones
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