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Nicole Collie, Bahamaian Artist, Surreal Artist, Uplifting Art, Feel good Art, Love Color
Nicole Collie, Nicole Collie-Jamison, Bahamian Artist, Graphic Artist, Artist, Feel good art, Surreal Art, Love Color,

I am, first and foremost, a mother of a 16 year old young man. My son was in kindergarten when I decided to quit my job and open an art gallery. The fact that I was losing time with him made me quit my “corporate” job. It hurt my soul that I wasn’t spending time with him any more; his teachers and grandmother were raising him. It would be so late by the time I picked him up in the evening that I would only have about two hours with him before bedtime. Choosing my son over work pushed me into following my dream. My art gallery was a place I could share with him and show him how important it is to follow your dreams.

In 2008, I left The Bahamas and went back to school to get my Bachelors degree in Graphic Design. Again, it has been all about my son - the need to be a stable disciplinarian and be there for the important and precious moments in his life.

I have grown intentionally, in both body and mind, throughout adulthood. As a young adult, I was called terrible names, and people tried to “motivate” me with mean comments about my body, even offering me money to lose weight. Family members told me they were embarrassed to be seen with me, and boyfriends expressed dissatisfaction with my body. I struggled with the body I lived in until my beautiful awakening.

I’ve been painting nudes for 20 years, and it started as an act of rebellion. I did it for shock value. Raised in a modest home where nudity was never spoken of, I knew my parents wouldn’t be pleased. Conservative Bahamian culture made it particularly difficult for my father to accept my art.

I pushed through my twenties, when my self esteem was at rock bottom, having to defend my work. Today, I love myself without apology, and my art speaks for itself. Entering this new phase of my career, I am publishing an art book. This is one more step toward my dream of obtaining an MFA in Painting.

What I do

I create art that represents the strength, majesty, and beauty of women and their bodies. Women are incredible creatures, filling big shoes as mothers, lovers, caregivers, housekeepers, wives, and friends, all while working 40 hour weeks. In my paintings, I portray our ability to do it all. I create space for women to appreciate and care for their bodies as much as they do the world around them that they nurture and protect. By painting women’s bodies, I am helping to build a world where we recognize health and beauty as relative to ourselves and incomparable to others. My art is meant to inspire women to look at “imperfections” like stretch marks, and see the beauty. Mine are from my son, reminding me of the road I traveled to have him. Having found the place where I can look in the mirror and love what I see, I want to welcome other women into a world where they don’t apologize for their bodies, but recognize the power they hold.


Artist Statement

As an artist, I strive to show others that we should all love ourselves, love each other and live life without judgment. My artwork mirrors these feelings through acrylic paint on canvas—often accompanied with mixed media such as seeds, heavy gloss gels and glass beads.


My main focus is to paint females and express the importance of every woman. Whether you have scars, or a body society says isn’t perfect, I want to show all women the reasons that these “ugly” things are actually beautiful if you learn to embrace yourself. Motivated by the skills I’ve gathered over the years as an artist, woman and mother, each painting tells a story. They show beautiful female bodies with curves and soft lines that mimic the true form. My goal is for women of all ages to see these paintings and become more comfortable with themselves. If I can improve the confidence of just one girl or woman out there, I feel blessed and have been given even more motivation to keep going.

Nicle Collie ~ My Sorrow

Past Art Shows


2002: ‘Genesis’: Solo Art Exhibition, Central Bank of The Bahamas (April 5th - May 5th) * Nassau, Bahamas

2002: ‘Destiny’: Solo Art Exhibition (December 5th - January 13th), British Colonial Hilton, * Nassau, Bahamas

2004: Solo Art Exhibition (April 1st - 15th), Bank of The Bahamas, * Nassau, Bahamas

2005: ‘Split Personality’: Group Exhibition (May 16th - 27th) Central Bank of The Bahamas, * Nassau, Bahamas

2005: ‘Bliss’: Solo Exhibition (October 1st - 30th) Infusion Gallery, * Main Street, Los Angeles, Ca

2006: ‘The Art of Time’: Solo Exhibition (May 1st - August 30th), Café Europa, Nassau,Bahamas

2007: ‘Spirits in a Material World’: Group Exhibition (March 8th-14th), * Sine.Qua.Non. * Contemporary Art Gallery, Nassau, Bahamas

2008: 4th Annual Graham Thorton Annual Charity Art Auction: (March 8th), * Nassau, Bahamas

2009: ‘Sine.qua.non 2009’: Group Exhibition (May 15th - June15th), Art Village Gallery, * South Main, Memphis, TN

2013: ‘Experiencing Nicole Collie': Solo Art Exhibition, Poor Little Rich Girl (March 22th - 24th)  * Atlanta, GA

2014: ‘The Vibrancy of Art': Solo Art Exhibition, Norworthy Fine Art Gallery (November 9th - September 9th)  * Shreveport, LA

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