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Kandice Hanna.jpeg
Pencil drawing of a dog by Kandice Hanna

Kandice Hanna

My love for wildlife and nature is rooted in the belief that the natural world is a vital part of our lives. My hope is for my artwork to connect people to nature in a way that is personal and meaningful. 


My pieces feature wild spaces and the creatures who live in them. My choice of mediums are color pencil, watercolor and acrylic paint. I choose the medium that best suits the subject as well as the effect and aesthetic I wish to create. Through realistic portraiture, I seek to evoke the spirit of my animal subjects, whether it be a charming domestic pet or a powerful, wild predator. I also explore other aspects of nature such as landscapes and flora. 


Spending time outdoors in observation of the natural world has had a profound impact on my artistic practice. As I observe plants and animals, I contemplate the role that each has to play within its ecosystem. Through my work I hope to contribute to a greater appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the environment and its inhabitants. 

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