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Kimberly Barrett Luttery

Young girl jumping from the book - I am Wonderfully Made Illustrated By Nicole Collie and written By Kimberly Lutterly
Self Portrait of Kimberly Lutterly created by Nicole Collie

A Writer

A Children’s Book Author

A Poet

A Lyricist

A Publisher

A Creator

My love for fiction began at a very young age with writing short stories and poetry. After receiving a B.A. degree in Mass Communications from Illinois State University, I spent much of her career working with non-profit organizations that focus on family and children. But I always been passionate about creative writing.


I founded Azure Dusk Publishing, LLC because I wanted to share inspiring stories with children that have a positive impact on how they perceive themselves and interact with others.

I wrote my debut book Grandma Had a Grandma Too because I believe that a lot of people had similar experiences growing up to what is seen in the story. The inspiration came from the loving relationship between my mom and niece. It was a joy to watch their interaction, and a lot of the story depicts the fun times that they shared. There are also moments in the book that come directly from my childhood and the times I spent with my grandmother. Children only know us as adults and they have a hard time imaging that we were once young like them, so I wanted to show that connection. What’s also important to me is that I create stories that depict African-American children. Representation is very important and I want them to see themselves in the stories that I create.

I’m excited about the release of my next book I Am Wonderfully Made because it focuses on love, self-esteem and acceptance, qualities that provide a great foundation for children as they grow up to become happy thriving adults.

I Am...

About Me

If you enjoy my books, you may like my Fairy Blessed Greeting Cards as well. I have always loved the images of angels, and to me, fairies are a youthful extension of them. Fairy Blessed Greeting Cards were created to share lighthearted messages that express the sentiments that the giver wants to share with the recipient. In the future I plan to expand Azure Dusk Publishing, LLC by offering publishing and marketing assistance to other authors, so that they can bring their own stories to life.

Grandma had a Grandma Too - vector butterfly
Young girl reading from the book - I am Wonderfully Made  Illustrated By Nicole Collie and written By Kimberly Lutterly


Fairly Blessed Greeting Card - Illustrated by Nicole Collie
Grandma Had a Grandma Too Illustrated By Nicole Collie and written By Kimberly Lutterly

Book Excerpt

One day I asked my grandma
Exactly how old are you?
I really want to know Nana
Are you ninety or ninety-two?

Grandma laughed out loud, then smiled
Oh Nia, I wasn’t born this way
I was once a little child
Back then I had no gray

I also had a grandma
When I was young like you
Yes, Grandma had a grandma
And she loved me as I love you

Book Excerpt
I am Wonderfully Made Illustrated By Nicole Collie and written By Kimberly Lutterly

Book Excerpt

I love that I am unique

There is no one else like me

I love that we are all different

Like the leaves on a tree

I love that I am special

Exactly who I am meant to be

Beautifully and wonderfully made

For all the world to see

Kids painting from the book - I am Wonderfully Made Illustrated By Nicole Collie and written By Kimberly Lutterly
Book Reviews

Book Review


Adorably illustrated, with lovely care put towards the setting details. It can be quite a revelation to children that their parents and grandparents had or have parents or grandparents of their own, and author has taken this moment of realization and unspooled an engaging exploration from it. 

Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. 


Dialogue shines in the bright tone, the age-appropriate wording and expressions of the child, as well as the sweet details provided by Grandma. Each of her recounted memories is rich with sensory details. 

Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. 


The purity and simplicity of this book’s concept, and the visual and narrative journey through the grandmother’s memories, all structured in a brief and nicely-moving storyline, make this a relationship-builder and sweet moment of connection. Very well done.

Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

My Art

Kimberly Barrett Luttery recently began drawing again after a long hiatus. I’ve always appreciated the work of other artists, but I find so much joy in creating my own. Creating art for me is therapeutic. It allows me to do whatever I want on the canvas with no restrictions and helps me to relax and live in the moment.


I currently like using pencils, charcoal, and markers to create vibrantly colored pieces that depict people dealing with their thoughts and emotions, and a “close up” look at things in nature we encounter every day. I hope that my work evokes emotions and inspires creativity in others to leave their mark on the world. In the future, I want to work with watercolors and acrylics. 

I’m a midwestern girl at heart, born and raised in Rockford, Illinois, but I live in metro Atlanta. I received my B.S. in Mass Communications from Illinois State University and spent much of my career working with non-profit organizations that focus on families and children.


I am a writer, children’s book author, and founder of Azure Dusk Publishing, LLC. My children’s books are full of color and are stories with universal themes about self-love, self-esteem, and family. I want my books to have a positive impact on how young readers perceive themselves. These interactive picture books target readers ages 3 - 8 years old and feature African American children as the main characters. 


I’m currently writing several children’s books that I plan to illustrate, and I’m excited to see how they turn out.

My Poetry

My Poetry

A woman in thought - My Thoughts By Kimberly Luttery

Silver Threads

Woven through her hair
Is a moonlit crown
That glows in the dim light
And sparkles in the Sun
Each strand earned
With every breathe
Every death
Each worry
Each trial
Simply life

© 2014 Kimberly Barrett Luttery
© 2014 Azure Dusk Publishing, LLC

See the Little Boy

© 2023 Kimberly Barrett Luttery
© 2023 Azure Dusk Publishing, LLC

Man walking in the woods

See the little boy who has no food to eat
See the little boy with no shoes on his feet
See the little boy run through the streets
Run little boy, run

See the little boy’s nose bleed red
See the little boy cover his head
See the little boy hide under his bed
Hide little boy, hide

See the little boy disrupt the class
See the little boy not complete his task
See the little boy can’t learn what he’s asked
Learn little boy, learn

See the little boy’s mom leave him behind
Hear the little boy ask why mama, why?
See the little boy break down and cry
Cry little boy, cry

See the little boy lie wide awake
Far too many changes he’s had to make
Cause this new home he can’t take
Sleep little boy, sleep

See the little boy run far away
See him drift from place to place
See a hard life take his soul away
Run little boy, run

See the little boy become a teen
Acting out all the trouble he’s seen
See him become a man, hard and mean
Grow little boy, grow

See the grown man lose his way
For other’s mistakes he’s had to pay
The world against him from the very first day
Why says the Grown man, why?

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