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My Story

About Me

Peace! My Name is Terrl, I go by Designed By Tee. I AM a Visual Artist, I have been fortunate to work in different areas in the Artworld, from Photography, Video Production, Tattooing, Interior Painting, Digital Works, Screen Printing and Clothing and Apparel. These foundations of Art have given me a well- rounded perspective in how Art is present all around Us. The main area(s) I’ve enjoyed working with majority have been with Painting and Digital Art. In college I took many classes in relation to Art. I worked with clay, ceramics, and Life Drawing; I never took a painting class! But for me it’s all been a self-
taught skill, which is why I think I lean towards painting more. These areas of Art have given me a room to get away from the world and step into my own world of imagination and creativity, making the ideas and creative possibilities endless. I didn’t know I had this gift until my senior year in high school. To me, which I feel Art was forced on me, due to My Art Teacher by forcing the class into this Houston Art Show. (That Art Show made up 44% of our overall grade.) So, for that project, I drew out a Cowboy boot with a leather strap going over the top of the boot, the piece was created with a Graphite Pencil. Next thing you know, I got runner up for that Art Show. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to do something Artistic, I just did know what and how I was going to find what it was Artistically I wanted to do. I just knew I Could Draw anything in Black and White. Art has been my Peace since that moment, over the years I continued to develop a better relationship when it came to working with Black and White as a base color. It has taken time in developing my skills, sometimes there are walls but that’s where the fun begins. I think that’s when creativity is branching out. My Art development really hit in my college days, once exposed to many different avenues and being able to work amongst different artist and with different material and mediums really aided in Growth. Once I was done with college, I began to study different Artist in different areas of the Artworld, which also gave me a whole new room of creativity and imagination and a variation of concepts to sketch for the ideas that came about. I have been able to do a few collaborations with C.ReativeR.ighteousC.Chilldren (CRC) Fashion and Apparel and A. Mays productions with custom flyer work done for his brand. I’m excited to continue to see how my art will develop as the years go on.

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Artist Statment

In my Art, I like to capture the beauty through colors that are vibrant, which drawn you in. I enjoy creating self-portraits especially with Charcoal (doing Subtractive Work). I’m inspired by people, places, events, experiences, conversation. Each piece I create is a fragment of myself, my works have become an extension of what I experience in life, from the highs, the lows, the twist and turns. Inspiration is everywhere and understanding that for myself has given me a better perception when it comes to creating. When a viewer stops for just a moment to view and reflect on a piece I created, then I know I have succeeded in my work.

My Art

Art Show 2022

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