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Artist Statement: Building upon my background as a textile designer, I have recently begun to explore how my print design techniques can be applied to create stand alone art pieces. I use photographic elements to energetically convey the detail, texture, pattern, colour and movement of the world around me. My current collection of around 20 abstract pieces is based on Bahamian Junkanoo and endeavours to convey the essence of this visually stimulating cultural celebration. They will be printed on acrylic glass to enhance the definition and colour vibrancy.

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Born and educated in Yorkshire, England, Emma Tinkler has been an internationally recognised textile designer for over 30 years. Emma studied a BA(Hons) in Textile Design at The University of Leeds and a diploma in Interior Design with Rhodec International. She lived in Ireland for over 20 years working as a textile designer, specialising predominantly in woven fabrics before moving to Nassau, The Bahamas, in 2012 where she currently has a home-based studio. Drawing most of her inspiration from the local natural landscape; sea, sky, beach and flora, Emma works primarily in digital/ photographic formats, creating abstract prints for her collections of silk accessories which are produced in England and shipped globally. Most recently, she has begun producing art pieces inspired by her textile prints.

Tropicana Nights_Emma Tinkler

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#3 in the Tropicana Nights Collection of vivid, abstract photographic prints inspired by the lights, colours, movement and vibrant cultural diversity of Havana's iconic nightspot, The Tropicana Club. Measures 33 x 42 inches. Larger sizes of prints (framed and unframed) and canvasses are available. Please enquire for details.

Tropicana Nights Living room_Emma Tinkler

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Limited edition artworks and silks. Designed in The Bahamas and inspired by the colours, moods and vibrant beauty of the Caribbean Region. Commissions and collaborations welcome.

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