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Allie Thompson

Personal Instagram: @alliemthompsonn

Film Instagram: @film.hole

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Hi! My name is Allie, and I am a photographer, residing in Fort Worth, TX. I am currently hyper-fixated on 35mm film photography, but throughout my life I have been filming and capturing moments through any camera I could get my hands on. I also spend my days managing a tiny, local coffee shop, I've recently been enjoying crocheting and making things for my friends, and I have always had a deep love for writing. Whatever I do, it's to help my mind escape from reality for a bit of time, and to ease that part of me. To insert what I'm feeling into something creatively, and make my thoughts seem beautiful and tangible. 

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For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with mental health related issues, and getting stuck in my head without anything able to pull me out. This has caused me to stop living in the moment and stop intaking the true beauty around me. Photography, along with many other things, have helped pull me out of that state of mind, and have helped me become more present. The life you are living is the only one you'll get, everyday the beauty of the world and amazing people around you deserve your full attention. I deserve that, as do you, as does everyone. Love yourself and your life, and put what you feel into what you love to do, whatever it may be.

When I am shooting on my camera, I am very specific about what I capture. I usually take one photo, and hope for the best. Things that make me feel something, and sights I want to remember forever are what I love. Right now, I would say I specialize in still, nature, & landscape photos, but I do hope to get more into portraits and street photography. Forever learning and growing. :)

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