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June Collie

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June Collie (b. 1986) is a Bahamian visual artist and gallery owner based in Nassau, Bahamas. Often working with the mediums of paint, film and photography, Collie’s work centers the joy of family and Black womanhood through an Afro-Caribbean lens. 

Collie first showcased her paintings in the Color of Harmony exhibition at The College of The Bahamas. She later ventured into photography and filmwork, where she produced her first solo exhibit of short films titled Situations, showcased at New Providence Art & Antiques. Famous for her style of bold lines, vibrant colors and full-figured subjects, Collie’s paintings reflect the importance of joy, pleasure and rest in Black communities. 


Over the years, she has been invited to participate in artist residencies with Popopstudios and The Current Art Gallery at Baha Mar - the latter of which produced a solo exhibit titled “Apartment Therapy”, international exhibitions such as The 55th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia at the Querini Stampalia Foundation in Venice, Italy, and the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in New York, as well as her works have been collected in the Luciano Benetton Collection "Imago Ipunm" in Italy. 

Collie, a talented artist and creative entrepreneur, currently resides in the beautiful city of Nassau, Bahamas. She has established herself as the proud owner of Sixty 2 Sixty Art Gallery & Store, a vibrant space that showcases her stunning artworks and those of other local artists. Through her passion for art, June has become an influential figure in the artistic community of Nassau, where she creates and shares her beautiful pieces with art enthusiasts from all around the world.

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Artist Statement
for Daydream Series

In the kaleidoscope of life, I find solace and inspiration in the realm of daydreams. Daydreaming, to me, is not merely an idle escape but a profound exploration of the boundless landscapes within the mind. It is a deliberate act of imagination that allows one to transcend the constraints of reality, opening the door to a sanctuary where creativity and introspection converge.
Daydreaming, in its essence, is a journey to a better life. It is a conscious choice to temporarily detach from the complexities of the external world and venture into the vast landscape of the mind. In this introspective space, I discover the untapped reservoirs of happiness within myself. The act of daydreaming becomes a meditative practice, a form of mindfulness that encourages self-awareness and introspection. It is a reminder that true happiness often resides within, waiting to be unearthed through contemplation.

The process of daydreaming is not just an escape; it is a source of inspiration for creative problem-solving. By allowing the mind to wander freely, one can explore unconventional ideas and envision innovative solutions to complex issues. The unrestricted nature of daydreaming fosters a unique perspective, encouraging the discovery of creative pathways that might elude conventional thinking.

However, as with any journey, there exists a cautionary note. Too much immersion in daydreams can lead to a detachment from reality, blurring the lines between the imagined and the tangible. The cons of excessive daydreaming include the potential for missed opportunities, unfulfilled aspirations, and a sense of disconnection from the present moment. Hence, it is imperative to strike a delicate balance, using daydreams as a source of inspiration without losing touch with the reality that surrounds us.
In my artistic exploration, I invite the viewer to embrace the power of daydreams – to recognize their potential for personal growth, creative insight, and moments of respite from the demands of everyday life. Through the interplay of imagination and reality, I aim to celebrate the delicate dance between dreaming and waking, encouraging a harmonious coexistence that enriches our journey through life.

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