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Lamont Missick ~ Anticipation


My name is Lamont Missick, son of the soil in the Bahamas. Lamont has been drawing from the age of eight and made his first painting at twelve. He started with tracing pictures of fashion models out of magazines and taught himself how to draw the human face.

Lamont has attended only two art workshops at the College Of The Bahamas now the University Of The Bahamas. Where he had his tutoring given by professors Mr Antonio Roberts and Mr John Cox . As a result of these workshops, he gives credit for obtaining an honorable mention award in the central bank competition of 1995. Also which granted him the opportunity to present a painting too, at that time the governor general of the Bahamas Sir Orville Turnquest. From that point on Lamont has painted many paintings. One of his goals is to one day have his own stand alone showing and strive to make a name for himself in the art community.

Lamont Missick ~ Outside Kitchen

Outside Kitchen

Lamont Missick ~ After School

After School

Lamont Missick ~ June Traditions

June Traditions  (242) 395-8799

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