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Silk_Amina Fogg
Bahamian Winter Beach scene painted by Amina Fogg

Amina Fogg

Designer and Architect


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Bahamian Winter

Inspired by the pallet of colours over the ocean at winter. It created a mood and a sentiment of the colder temperature in Nassau.

18 x 24



Artist Bio

I am a Bahamian Designer and Architect that has spent a significant amount of time designing and working in Europe but established early formative years growing up in the Bahamas. My pre-teen and teenage years were filled with drawing portraits and watercolours. I developed this interest to work in design and studied Architecture in London and Sheffield and later worked on numerous complex mega projects in Uk and the Bahamas

Growing up in The Bahamas I was influenced by its natural beauty turquoise ocean and warming sun rays. A life of ease and simplicity was spent trying to capture it in drawings of silhouettes, vistas and portraits. The Bahamas narrative and culture has been predominately about escapism and hospitality. My paintings capture this effortless escapist energy in the natural environment of the Bahamas. I have most recently been influenced by a 6 month sojourn in the south of France studying the styles of impression artists of that region. I bring these stylistic influences to my interpretation of Bahamian landscapes.

Artist Statement

Invitation to the Emerging Creatives Art Show with Amina Fogg's art on it
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