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Diversified Representational/Abstract and Contemporary Art.
My name is Jeff Montag

I am originally from Moline, Illinois and have resided in Kearney, Nebraska with my wife and family the last 25 years. Most of my career has been spent in healthcare; however, the last few years I have worked as a career management Coach, assisting individuals to return to gainful employment following separation from their company.


I received a minor in Art from the University of Illinois and have continued exploring and refining my art technique for the last several years. I specialize in oil paintings and occasionally work in acrylics and watercolors. My love and passion consist of working to bring out the personality of the individual portraits that I create. I also like to capture moments in time, eliciting a feeling, emotion, grin. They can sometimes tell a story within the painting. I have also taken time to work on several series’ which include The Old Town Kearny series, Civil War, Aspens in Colorado, Cranes, Florals and Portraits to name a few.


When I was sixteen years old, my life changed forever. I was a gymnast, and I had sustained a Spinal Cord Injury (broken neck) when preparing for a competition. I discovered I would never walk and/or function the same again.

The hardest part wasn’t the break; it was the recovery and rediscovering how to utilize what I had left.

Art was one of the biggest parts of my recovery along with my faith, and through painting, I found a way back to life and some sense of normalcy. By paying attention to moments, by capturing scenes, people, and objects, I found hope in the world around me. And by finding that hope, it grew within me to express and give back through many different avenues!

Now, almost forty years later, I continue to paint and still rediscover that same joy in art—the joy of paying attention to moments that transcend the limitations of the present.

My goal with the artwork, is to provide the viewer with the same hope and beauty it has provided me all these years.

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