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Larissa Williams

Artist Statement:
It is true that the world is full of beautiful colors; however, we place a lot of emphasis on black and white, far more than we should. As a living artist, my goal is to inspire people to look beyond the surface and embrace the flaws in their lives.


Southern Californian native, Riss Williams, is a self-taught multi-media artist currently residing within the DFW Metroplex. Inspired by bright color themes, her earliest influences include popular 80’s artist; Andy Warhol, Peter Max, and Lisa Frank with their bold use of brilliant color schemes. Riss went on to upgrade her skills at Collins College where she obtained an AA in Visual Communications. Gaining a deeper understanding of color theory and adding digital art to her list of artistic skills, birthed the style for which she’s been known the last several years, but it wasn’t until she picked up a paint brush that she finally felt at home in the art realm. Since mid-2021, Riss has been honing her skills as a painter; experimenting with acrylics, watercolors, and spray paints. In May 2022, Riss was invited to participate in her first art show and has been eager to share her art with the world ever since. Contemporary influencers include Dooga, Paper Frank, and Blue The Great.

Larissa Williams_Saggitarius


2022 Art Shows

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