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Dublin Easter_Dr. Kevin Bethel.jpg

Dr. Kevin Bethel

Freeport, Grand Bahama 

All art inquires please visit my website

"The purpose of the artist is to explore the mystery which science overlooks."

Artist Bio: Dr. Kevin Bethel is an artist-physician from The Bahamas who is internationally recognized for his oil, pastel, watercolor paintings, prints and drawings. His art helps us to feel the emotional emergence from the hardships of life with his focus on the effects of light, color and temperature.

3 handy cap dogs playing on the beach painting by Dr. Kevin Bethel

Artist Statement

Artist Statement: The prospect of creating healing energy, recording it, and sharing it, is the exploration Dr. Bethel hopes to offer us… “All my creative activity is a representation of the observed world, filtered thru me.” Kevin’s art offers us anything that can be observed. sensed, understood, remembered, recreated or reconstructed in his personal manor. We anticipate an exciting experience with a dynamic dossier of artwork for many years, as Kevin Bethel integrates both sides of his brain to synthesize art and science.

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