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Red Blossom
Painting of a woman's face by Nadia Smith

Natasha Marcano Dillon

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Painting of a woman leaning on a wall by Nadia Smith

Artist Statement

Artist Statement: As an artist, I create what I want to see in the world. My preferred subject matter is strong, beautiful black women, inspired by my birthplace in Trinidad and Tobago and my current home in Brooklyn, NY. My art often highlights the natural hair of women of African ancestry, which is a defining feature. I use soft pastel and expressive colors to celebrate Afros, locs, and the many colors and textures that describe Black beauty.


My name is Natasha Marcano Dillon and I am from Trinidad and Tobago. Currently, I live in New York with my family. In my free time, I love to create art. I have a background in Communication Design and Art Education. I became a high school teacher in 2015. During the summers, I worked on drawings using various mediums and subjects. In 2019, I used only charcoal for my portraits since it was a dry medium and easy to work with, especially with two young boys around. In 2021, I started exploring a more playful style with vibrant colors while maintaining a painterly yet graphic look. Specifically, I focused on portraying black women with natural hair, such as afros and locs, using soft pastels. I aim to showcase the strength of black women and incorporate their hair as part of their representation. Moreover, I use charcoal for more realistic depictions of my portraits.

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