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Isabel Moultrie 

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Isabel Moultrie is a young realistic and surrealistic Bahamian artist. She grew up on the islands of Nassau and Abaco. Ever since she was 3 years old, Moultrie frequently drew and scribbled on each and every surface.  She now specializes in mediums such as - oil, acrylic, and watercolor, gouache, colored pencils, and occasionally clay sculpting and ceramics.  Through her art, Moultrie strives to educate and enlighten viewers on prevalent global issues. She tackles topics such as equality and mental health. She also thoroughly enjoys studying the nature and beauty of the world we all live in. In Moultrie’s eyes, art isn’t just about what you see on a canvas, but what you feel and how you take in what you see, what you walk away with, and how you are affected. 

Freedom, Confined

Artist Statement

Isabel Moultrie is a young Bahamian artist. She frequently works with acrylic and oil paints to create both realistic and surrealistic art. In some of her past work she has experimented with collage, ceramics, sculpting, and even wire work. Moultrie often uses her art as a platform for self-expression, as well as a platform to speak on issues in regards to racial injustices, equality, and mental health awareness. After seeing her work, Moultrie hopes that people can walk away with enlightenment, and even a new perspective. Her art is about starting conversations and decreasing further harm on the basis of people's ignorance and lack of education on prevalent and important issues. Not only does she explore societal problems, but also the elegance of the mind and what it can create. Her work has been described as “detailed” “dream-like” and ”emotive” by viewers, with the ability to pull you into a completely different world, even if it’s on a canvas. 


Art was play for me. At six years old, I would make food out of Playdoh. I made furniture for my dolls out of toilet paper rolls. When other children were playing video games, I was searching for things around the house I could create with. My formal art classes started at age eleven when I learned how to sculpt. My focus is now oil painting.

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