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Moses Victor

Moses Victor
Moses Victor standing in front of bright art work

Moses Victor resides in Nassau, Bahamas where he was born and raised. His inspiration for art stemmed from his older brother’s realism graphite pencil drawings. What fascinated him was the amount of detail he would put into a character sketch or colored pencil drawing. He felt as if there was an Art Show in his own household.

Despite putting art on hold for several years, he has always been passionate about the craft. During the pandemic, Moses was terminated from his job. This caused him to rely on his natural talent as a source of income. He started off by creating a portrait of his sister. Subsequently, he began creating multiple portraits which quickly generated an influx of customers - more than ever before. This made him realize he should never stray from his gifts. Further into his art journey, Moses gained more influence from artist such as Stuart Davis, Heinrich Kley, Dave Smith. Nina Chanel Abney and Amy Sherald.

As stated previously, Moses has a natural talent for art. Currently, he is a self taught artist that is always open to improving his craft. He believes art is a forward moving career that is steadily advancing and moving into new levels and different techniques and it should alway be treated as such.

Ultimately, Moses aspires to be recognized on a global scale. He aims to curate shows, collect art, have installations shows around the world and to donate to charitable organizations. Also, he wants to become a great member of the art community to uplift emerging artist in addition to current artists.

photo of Victor Moses standing in front of his art

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Moses Victor looking at his art

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