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Rudy Marruffo Abila (rudy 2.o)

Art Director/Graphics Designer

As an Art Director/Graphics Designer by trade for over 25 years, my love and respect for the Fine Arts have always been the stem and conduit of my creative imagination. Whether an abstract painting or even a digital illustration, the mere experimental nature of the Fine Arts impassions and allows me to express myself in any medium, subject matter, or level of conformity.


Originally introduced to cyanotypes (sun prints) via printmaking, my fascination with them is of beauty and mysticism. They can be as creative or as simple as one desires. They represent a raw and unbiased view of the subject matter without the interjection of full color and all its associated conformities. The pure use of cyan, form, and the duality of light and shadow, create a mystical and captivating visual experience.

Art by Rudy Abila - Jester Joker Statue

My Art Work

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