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Global Initiative for Transforming Work, Wealth and Wellness through Creativity

Empowering Creatives to Protect their Sovereign Property and Projects, Increase their Personal Wealth, and Improve their Personal Wellbeing

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Emerging Creatives is an organization founded by Nicole Collie Jamison, Julius Terrell, Dr. Desiree Cox and Kimberley Luttery. We are a group of creatives that believe in each other’s talents. This platform is about respect and creating a space that is not judgmental, but a place where creatives can come and have conversations, ask questions and give answers. It is a place where you can feel good about who you are and what you create.

Who we are
DTC Desiree Cox

Our mission is to accelerate quality improvement in healthcare through self-care and by marrying suitable technologies with exponential technologies, innovations and personnel to solve old problems and seize new opportunities; we focus on the Coastal US, Caribbean and Latin American markets. We support the Emerging Creatives Initiative because we believe that the creative energy we need to create life, self-care, health and vitality is within us all.


The National Law Offices of Julius P. Terrell assists clients with Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Business Planning, Probate, Real Estate, Securities Law, Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution, Government Relations Matters and Contract Drafting in Washington DC, Prince George's County, MD and Montgomery County, MD

HFHIS HEALinc. Future Health Innovation

We support EmergingCreatives as the resident exhibitors at our annual HEALInc Future Health Summits. They join thee cross-disciplinary experts, researchers, influencers and change-makers engaged in global cross-disciplinary action to cause directed evolution in Regenerative Health for all.

Creatives in different areas experience inequitable treatment because systems have been designed to transfer control of their work product. Consider the record industry where recording companies control masters and royalties, while providing performing artists with a small percentage of their music’s earnings. Consider the art industry where artists rely on brokers or consigners to promote and sale their work in exchange for a share of the value of their work.

We join here as a collective of Creatives from the diaspora who aspire to share techniques and tools to exploit, control and transfer the fruits of their labor. We desire to educate Creatives of the diaspora with the means to pursue their passions while developing and protecting the wealth generated by their work product.

We further believe that the Creatives of the diaspora should strive for self-worth, self-efficacy, and self-identify in all that they do. For it is with these principles that an alternative legacy can be formed providing future generations of Creatives with methods to achieve equity!


Artists are creative individuals who use their genius to produce ideas and things into existence. The genius of Creatives is that their self-expression establishes a work product that has value. Creatives have historically been deprived of receiving appropriate compensation, and an equitable share of the products, services, and ideas that have been generated by the fruits of their labor.

What we are creating
Up Comin Events

Up Coming
Emerging Creatives Art Show Dallas | Fort Worth

Up Coming
Emerging Creatives Art Show During HEALinc Summit

  • April 17 - 19, 2023 (Paradise Island, Bahamas)

  • 2024 (Rwanda) dates TBD

  • 2025 (Dubai) dates TBD

  • 2026 (South Korea) dates TBD

2022 Art Shows

Emerging Creatives 2022 - Art Show
Clip Mode Barber Salon
6745 Bridge Street

Fort Worth, Texas

2019 Art Shows
Baha Mar_Emerging Creatives_Nicole Collie_The Honorable Cornelius A. Smith.jpeg

Emerging Creatives 2019 - Art Show Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

The Honorable Cornelius A. Smith

Emerging Creatives 2019 - Art Show
Grand Hyatt Baha Mar
Nassau, The Bahamas


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